Who hires a ghostwriter?

Anyone who wants to create a professionally prepared book seeks ghostwriting services. Cultural and social leaders, industry experts, celebrities, politicians, sports stars, and executives are the most common professions to hire writers like me. Everyday people also employ ghostwriters because they believe in the power of their story, they want to leave a legacy, and they want to give back.

What these people have in common is a deep respect for the craft and skill of professional writing. They wouldn’t expect to pick up a guitar or paintbrush and be able to whip out a masterpiece, and they don’t expect to write a book and have it be clear and compelling to their readers. They also have the financial resources in order to do this.

Should you hire a ghostwriter?
If you believe you can write your own book, then you’ll want to work with a writing coach or an editor, not a ghostwriter. If you know you have a strong message and story, and you want to save time, energy, and money, and you want to ensure a quality product, you’ll adore having a ghostwriter to do all the heavy lifting.
What are the benefits of having your book ghostwritten?
A well-written book can change the world, improve lives, and provide immense self-satisfaction. Having your name in print boosts credibility and can provide media exposure, financial power, career advancement, and audience growth. The average book sells under 500 copies. If you want your book to reach more than your friends and family, allow a ghostwriter to help you achieve this. Authoring a book is a “bucket list” item for many, yet when books are written without professional guidance, the results are often expensive and disappointing.
Do self-published authors hire ghostwriters?
Absolutely! Most of my clients take the self-publishing route because they want to retain control over the title, cover, profits, and speed of publication. Self-publishing can happen instantaneously, while traditional publishing can take years. Even if your book is done and basically ready for print, publishers typically work far in advance. It can easily be a 1-2 year delay before release. Self-publishing is fairly inexpensive and there are many benefits. If you have a strong book cover, title, and content, your book can still get in-store and online visibility.
Is hiring a ghostwriter ethical?
Is it ethical to hire a personal trainer to help you get in shape, a nanny to watch your kids, or a stunt double to perform your most dangerous moves? Of course! Your goal is to publish a book, and you want it to be executed as effectively as possible.

Ghostwriting is a common and established practice in publishing and speech writing. The book’s contents wouldn’t exist without you. Collaboration with a ghostwriter doesn’t mean giving them a bunch of files and walking away. It’s a project that requires your ongoing participation. It’s not like you’re buying someone else’s research and pulling it off as your own. You’re hiring someone to translate your stories and wisdom in a digestible way.
What credit do you have to give a ghostwriter?
For me, none. Some ghostwriters incorporate royalties and success measurements into their contract, while some ask to be a co-author or to be mentioned in the acknowledgements. To be blunt, I care most about earning my income as a writer of great books. I don’t require any recognition besides a testimonial about our work together and a “good fit” referral if you happen to find one. When the project is complete, it’s all yours to celebrate, market, and reap the rewards. I greatly enjoy being a hidden and invisible force behind my clients.
What about confidentiality?
Before any contracts are signed, confidentiality will be discussed at length. Some clients love when I talk publicly about our work together, while others want to remain private. Either way, our contracts are legally bound and can include a confidentiality agreement or non-disclosure, if you prefer.
How does a ghostwriter capture your voice?
When working with authors, our interviews together will be recorded and transcribed. This helps me capture your tone of voice and choose words that are common for you. As we build content for your book, you’ll be able to request changes and have full authorization on what you want to say.